Building Pride in Our Students' Future

Current Facility Issues

Facility Assessment Report



Building and Revovations History

Academic spaces have not been renovated in 50 years

  • 1955 - Original Building Was Built
  • 1956 - Addition of Gym (MPR)
  • 1962 - Addition of classrooms east side of original building
  • 1964 - Addition of classrooms at west side of  1956 addition
  • 1967 - Addition of classrooms at north side of original building
  • 2001 - Addition of Gym & Offices

Mandatory Life Safety Work

  • Mitigation of lead found in sinks and fixtures
  • Abatement of asbestos throughout the building
  • Fire sealing throughout the building
  • Install fire rated doors throughout the building
  • Install exhaust systems in bathrooms
  • Remove wired glass throughout the building
  • Repair outdoor tripping hazards throughout the property

Immediate Building Issues

  • Failing HVAC systems which are at or over life expectancy
  • 26 year old leaking roof 
  • 50 year old bathrooms, water fountains, and plumbing
  • Inadequate building safety, security, and drop off/pick up
  • Abatement of asbestos in student spaces:  Floors, ceiling and walls
  • ADA accessibility