Financial Impact

To find your taxable property value, go to the Cook County assessors website:

You can search for your home by entering the 14 digit Property Index Number (PIN) that is listed on your Tax Bill (It is highlighted yellow in the sample bill below) or by address.




Using the financial calculator below, the tax increase for the sample property would be as follows:

Assessed Property Value w/ Homestead Exemption = $250,000

Yearly Tax Increase = $197.32 (for 20 years)


School District 79 (Pennoyer) - Tax Calculator

What was the property value indicated on your 2019 tax bill (paid Summer and Fall 2020)?
Are you eligible for a Homestead Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Disabled Person's Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption?
Are you eligible for an additional Senior Citizen Exemption?
Est. 2019 Property Value  
Total Assessed Value (10%)  
Estimated Multiplier 2.9160
Homestead Exemption  
Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption  
Disabled Person's Exemption  
Senior Citizen Exemption  
Net Equalized Assessed Value  
Projected Tax Rate Increase Net equalized Assessed Value Estimated Increase on Tax Bills
Note: The calculator is intended to estimate the increase in the bond portion of the District 79 tax bill only. Does not include property taxes paid to other governments (e.g. city, park district, county, forest preserve, etc.). Actual tax rates and payments may vary based on District 79-wide EAV growth, individual homeowner reassessment, State Law changes, property tax rate initiatives, and other factors.

Pennoyer SD 79

Area School District Tax Rates

District Name Operating Tax Rate + B&I Tax Rate = Total Tax Rate
Pennoyer 79 $2.349   $0.147   $2.496
Norridge 80 $2.185   $0.029   $2.214
Park Ridge 64 $3.861   $0.179   $4.040
Des Plaines 62 $3.921   --   $3.921
East Maine 63 $3.107   $0.385   $3.492
Union Ridge 86 $2.782   $0.080   $2.862


Why additional funding is needed

Pennoyer’s finances are strong, however, due to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), also known as a tax cap, Pennoyer is unable to raise revenues through taxation without a referendum.