Pennoyer School District #79’s vision for 1:1 technology is to provide comprehensive, innovative, and creative instructional resources that prepare each learner to succeed in a 21st century society. Through the use of technology, educators are able to enhance information accessibility and empower students to achieve their individualized curricular goals. Pennoyer School promotes a 1:1 non-disruptive technology resource that can provide a platform for students to explore, challenge themselves, and engage with the world in a meaningful way.


Student Device Content Filtering and Parental Controls

Pennoyer School District 79’s district owned student Chromebooks and iPads are filtered on and off of the District’s network. Pennoyer’s student devices use a student safety platform “Securly”, which allows the district to block content that is explicit or dangerous, as determined by the district’s technology guidelines, IT department, and as defined in federal law. The Securly system runs in tandem with our building’s hardware content filter and web appliance provided by Sophos.


Securly’s Parent Portal

Securly platform offers parents and guardians greater visibility into what websites, searches, videos, and social media accessed during school and while at home. Using the web-based parent dashboard or mobile app, parents can access realtime reporting, receive alerts on inappropriate content or safety concerns, and have the ability to pause or limit device internet access while at home.

The short videos below offer an additional overview of Securly’s Parent Portal:


How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?

Each student’s guardians will automatically be enrolled into Securly’s parent portal. Pennoyer will use the contact information provided to the district via registration and will be updated as changes are made within our student information system, Skyward. If a guardian has not been granted access, please be sure the guardian information is up-to-date in our records.

All new account invitations to Securly Parent Portal may take up to 24 hours to process. If you have not received an email request to join after 24 hours, and should be listed as one of the guardians for your child, please contact and the technology department will assist.


How do I access the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal can be accessed via the web or using the official Securly Home app. Please see the links below.

Web Browser:

Mobile Devices:  App Store    Google Play


How do I opt out of Securly emails?

At the bottom of the email sent by Securly, there is an Unsubscribe button.


I opted out, but now I changed my mind and would like to receive the email.

No problem. Email and let them know that you had unsubscribed and you would like to be added back.