Referendum Facts and Information

Pennoyer SD79 will have two referendum questions on the April 4th ballot that would fund improvements and updates to current infrastructure, and fund the programs that were currently cut. 

The building bond referendum would provide funding for capital improvements needed to maintain Pennoyer School for future generations.

  • We cannot continue to pay for capital projects out of our reserve funds.
  • We need to ensure our entire school is ADA accessible.
  • Systems that would be upgraded/improved and brought to date are: the gym & MPR HVAC, bathrooms & water fountains, building fire alarm, ADA upgrades to include an elevator.

The tax rate referendum will bring back the following programming that were cut:

  • Leyden Norwood Athletic Sports
  • Full day kindergarten
  • Any K - 5 grade cohort that has 38 or less kids will combine to 1 class.  This will impact next year’s 1st grade.
  • Art and music classes
  • Reduction of Physical Education classes
  • Reduction of ESL services
  • Closing of the Media Center/Library 

Current Pennoyer Realities