Principal's Message

Dear Pennoyer Families,

I can’t express how incredibly excited I am to be starting my first year as principal of Pennoyer School.  I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity, and I plan on seizing every moment and working tirelessly for you, your students, and our entire staff each and every day to make our 2022-2023 school year at Pennoyer the most positive and enriching experience possible.

My hope is to continue to grow opportunities for our students in and out of the classroom, and hear and incorporate the many voices of our parents/guardians so Pennoyer is a special place that truly reflects our community.  I believe that a vibrant education goes beyond just academics within the classroom walls.  At Pennoyer, I plan on promoting and supporting social emotional growth and functional/life skills that our students can leverage far beyond our walls and bring with them to build upon throughout their lives.  

As principal of Pennoyer, I am dedicated to making sure our students feel safe and supported each and every day, while building and nurturing their capacity to find the joy in learning.  We want our students to take risks, learn to problem solve, be responsible and respectful citizens, and be able to think both creatively and critically.  We know that every single student has the ability to thrive in the right environment and with the right opportunities, and at Pennoyer, I’m so lucky to have a talented, passionate, and dedicated staff that puts kids first and makes our school the success that it is day in and day out.

During the school year, I plan on sending out weekly newsletters to keep parents/guardians informed and connected to Pennoyer.  Please also visit our website at for updates and more information throughout the school year.  Our theme throughout this school year encapsulates the values I hold in the highest regard…Connect - Collaborate - Celebrate.  My pledge as principal is that every stakeholder embodies this as part of our Pennoyer community.  We need to connect with students, staff, and families in and out of the classroom, collaborate with one another and work as a team, and take time to have fun and celebrate our successes and individuality that makes us who we are.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone this 2022-2023 school year!

Adam Greenberg