Board Belief Statements and Goals

Core Values/Beliefs (We believe that…) Statements

Students and Learning We believe that…)

  • All students should be challenged and engaged in learning.
  • All students have individual talents, interests, and needs that should be identified and met.
  • All students need a safe and positive environment in which to learn.

Teachers and Teaching (We believe that…)

  • The school environment and resources are critical components to teaching and learning.
  • Teachers should be invested to excel in their craft.
  • Teachers are the key to student success both inside and outside the classroom.

Responsibility of the Schools to the Community and the Community to the Schools 
(We believe that…)

  • Partnership between the communities served and the district enable greater awareness of student needs.
  • Values and beliefs of the community are very important to the success of the district.
  • The district, through the board of education, serves as the steward of community assets.