Residency Requirements

In order to register your child/children at Pennoyer School, you must be a resident of Pennoyer School District 79. Unless you lack a fixed, regular, adequate residence, you must provide documentation showing you reside on a regular, fixed, nighttime basis at the address provided within the district boundaries. All documentation must be current (within the last 30 days) and show your name and address.  To guard your identity, please block out account and social security numbers on the documents before you scan them. 

If you share a residence with a Pennoyer resident, both you and the Pennoyer resident needs to prove residency. 

To see if you reside in the Pennoyer boundaries, please refer to the interactive map under the District Boundaries tab. Please contact the District Office at 708-456-9094 if you have any questions. 

When uploading the documents during the New Student Online Registration process, please be sure to verify that the images or documents are clear and legible. Any documents that are not clear will require them to be resent via email to the District Office staff or be shown in person at the District Office.