Board of Education

Pennoyer Elementary School Board of Education Introduction

What is the role of a school board?

Since the responsibility of educating children rests on the state level, control over how local schools are run falls to the local school board. The school board represents the citizens of the school district and provides a voice for their concerns.

The main job of the school board is to employ a superintendent and to hold him/her responsible for managing the school district in accordance with state law and school policies. In a way, the superintendent acts as the school district's Chief Executive Officer. The superintendent is evaluated on an annual basis to determine whether he/she has met the district's goals and expectations.

How does the school board operate?

A school board can take action only by a majority vote in a public meeting. The meetings are open to the public, but comments are taken only during the 'public comment' portion of the meeting.

During the meeting, the school board transacts the legal business of the school district.

(Taken from 'Your School Board & You', a publication of the Illinois Association of School Boards)