English Language Arts Curriculum

Subject Mission

The Pennoyer School District English/Language Arts program utilizes and applies best practices to create student engagement and collaboration opportunities for lifelong learners. Through the integrated K-8 curriculum (reading, writing, language, speaking, listening, and viewing) students will:

  • Demonstrate foundational skills necessary for success within and beyond the classroom.
  • Comprehend complex texts at grade level or above.
  • Evaluate and analyze validity of sources to create critical thinking skills.
  • Utilize differentiated opportunities for a variety of purposes and authentic audiences.
  • Apply technology and digital media with purpose and proficiency.
  • Be responsible and successful members of our diverse, ever changing world.

English Language Arts Subject Area
Committee Members

Sarah Adkins
Todd Browder
Meagan Darland
Kathryn Fricke
Rachel Michaels
Melissa Tronco, Chair
Aliaa Ibrahim, Principal
Dr. Kristin Kopta, Superintendent


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