With Tipline, students will be able to submit anonymous tips through text, email, or phone message. Students can submit tips for any concerns that they feel need to be shared, including bullying, suicide, and other forms of violence.

Speaking up against peers can be difficult, especially when there is a perceived code of silence among students. We get that. Sometimes, however, speaking up is the right thing to do and it can make a big difference. So Tipline keeps every tipster’s identity anonymous as a way to encourage students to take a stand against violence without putting themselves in harm’s way. 

We encourage all of you to use Tipline without fear of retribution and with your hearts in the right place. The right tip can end a cycle of bullying, address occurrences of self-harm, and even save a life. 

Tipline Reporting Methods
Website: securly.com/tip
Phone: 1-833-300STOP
Email: tipline@securly.com