Science Curriculum

Course Purposes


Kindergarten students will ask and answer questions to determine cause and effect relationships.

1st Grade

First grade students will characterize and describe the relationship between structure and function.

2nd Grade

Second grade students will develop and use models to explain similarities and differences among processes and objects.

3rd Grade

Third grade students will verify the relationship between cause and effect.

4th Grade

Fourth grade students will generate and compare explanations in order to describe patterns.

5th Grade

Fifth grade students will evaluate the effects of patterns on processes or objects.

6th Grade

Sixth grade students will use earth/space science, life science, and physical science principles to identify and describe interactions between them.

7th Grade

Seventh grade students will apply earth/space, life science, and physical science principles to precisely define the world they see.

8th Grade

Eighth grade students will use scientific principles to quantify interactions among the components of the world they see.