What is Yearbook Club?

The Pennoyer School Yearbook Club is a group for student in 5th-8th grade students to participate in the creation of the school yearbook through photography.

Students attend school and parent sponsored sports and events to gather artifacts that will be used in the school yearbook and preserve the memories of our students for another year!

We discuss upcoming events and choose times and placements for the students to gather photographs for the school yearbook.

We also discuss themes, elements, and new possible features for the physical yearbook, as well as, strategies and foundational principles of photography.

Who Can Join?

This club is open to 5th-8th grade students.

When & Where?

We are currently meeting monthly on Tuesdays right after school.

Sponsor Information

Justin Widd is the sponser of the Yearbook Club. Feel free to contact him at any time with questions at


Additional Information

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