Title I

School Wide Comprehensive Plan

Pennoyer School is a one school district serving the communities of Norridge, Harwood Heights and Norwood Park Township.  We currently have approximately 430 prek - 8th grade students enrolled.  Our student demographics are as follows:
        30% Low Income
        10% Special Education
        19% English language learners
        4% student mobility 
        2% chronic absenteeism
*data from the 2020 - 2021 Illinois School Report Card

The School Leadership Team, along with District Administration will regularly examine student data to analyze trends and opportunities to provide students with additional supports and services. While analyzing data, the team will be looking for gaps in achievement in such groups as gender, country of origin, color, disability and age.  Using the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), students will receive various interventions and supports both in the areas of academics and social emotional development.  Progress monitoring will take place to ensure that the targeted supports are meeting the needs of students and informing the instruction of students at their individual level.  Students who are at risk will also be monitored to ensure success.

The District Curriculum Coordinating Council and school level School Leadership Teams  analyze student data along with local climate surveys to set yearly student achievement goals.  The team also  monitors the District Strategic Plan Team (developed in spring 2020) which analyzed data and provided recommendations for future District and School goals.  The Parent Teacher Council reviews the Comprehensive Schoolwide Plan each spring and gives input that is considered. The special education team meets with the District level administration (Superintendent and Director of Special Education) to review data including student goals, parent surveys and staff surveys. The program goals for next year is to expand parent education and inclusion, unpack Common Core Standards, and develop modified special education curriculum with alignment of the Common Core Standards and the Essential Elements (Dynamic Learning Maps standards).

The School and District Leadership Teams as well as the Strategic Planning Team identified the need for curriculum development and alignment.  Priority work is to align standards both vertically and horizontally and to ensure they are taught with fidelity.  After analyzing NWEA MAP, and IAR data, the teams determined curriculum needs to continue to be developed with rigor for all students.  Additionally, important curriculum building blocks were assumed in many grade levels which showed academic deficits for our at risk students.  We also discovered many of our high achieving students had low growth due to the lack of rigor and standards alignment. 
Subject Area Committees have continued to work on curriculum development through the Curriculum Leadership Institute Model. The curriculum development process consists of:
        Unpacking the standards
        Writing Curriculum
        Validating Curriculum
        Identifying Resources
        Writing Common Assessments 
        Reviewing and Selecting Rigorous Resources to Support Curriculum Implementation

The work completed by the Subject Area Committees is overseen by the Curriculum Coordinating Council which has teachers, administrators, parents and Board members serving on the committee.  This committee also reviews student data and prioritizes the academic needs putting our at risk students first. 

These four committees (School Leadership, District Leadership, Subject Area, and Curriculum Coordinating Council) have all identified the need for a solid Tier 1 curriculum.

The district operates a school wide MTSS goal, that will identify, provide evidence based interventions, and progress monitor students who are at risk or in tiers 2 or 3 for reading, math, and behavior.  The MTSS team meets regularly to review student data, identify students that may benefit from additional support, and monitor and track progress.  Additionally, the MTSS team has developed entrance and exit criteria for support as well as clear procedures to communicate with staff and families.  For students identified to receive Tier 3 services, members of the MTSS team, classroom teachers, and parents collaborate to outline an appropriate plan to meet the presenting needs of students.    

All Pennoyer students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, benefit from a School Wide Title program.  This gives students access to interventions and additional resources and supports so that all students can attain their maximum potential and success at Pennoyer School.