5:270 Employment At-Will, Compensation, and Assignment

Employment At-Will

Unless otherwise specifically provided, District employment is at-will, meaning that employment may be terminated by the District or employee at any time for any reason, other than a reason prohibited by law, or no reason at all. Nothing in School Board policy is intended or should be construed as altering the employment at-will relationship.

Exceptions to employment at-will may include employees who are employed annually, have an employment contract, or are otherwise granted a legitimate interest in continued employment. The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions to employing non-certificated employees at-will but shall maintain a record of positions or employees who are not at-will and the reason for the exception.


The Board will determine salary and wages for educational support personnel.  Increments are dependent on evidence of continuing satisfactory performance. An employee covered by the overtime provisions in State or federal law, shall not work overtime without the prior authorization from the employee’s immediate supervisor. Educational support personnel are paid twice a month.


The Superintendent is authorized to make assignments and transfers of educational support personnel.

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Cross Ref.:

5:10 (Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment) 5:35 (Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act), 5:290 (Educational Support Personnel - Employment Termination and Suspensions), 5:310 (Educational Support Personnel - Compensatory Time-Off)

First Reading: November 2012

Approved: December 2012