5:220 Substitute Teachers

Professional Personnel

Substitute Teachers

The Superintendent may employ substitute teachers as necessary to replace teachers who are temporarily absent.

A substitute teacher must hold either a valid teaching or substitute license and may teach in the place of a licensed teacher who is under contract with the Board. There is no limit on the number of days that a substitute teacher may teach in the District during the school year, except as follows:

  1. A substitute teacher holding a substitute license may teach for any one licensed teacher under contract with the District only for a period not to exceed 90 paid school days in any one school term.
  2. A teacher holding a Professional Educator License or Educator License with Stipulations may teach for any one licensed teacher under contract with the District only for a period not to exceed 120 paid school days.

The Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) limits a substitute teacher who is a TRS annuitant to substitute teaching for a period not to exceed 100 paid days or 500 paid hours in any school year, unless the subject area is one where the Regional Superintendent has certified that a personnel shortage exists.

The School Board establishes a daily rate of pay for substitute teachers. Substitute teachers receive only monetary compensation for time worked and no other benefits.

Emergency Situations

A substitute teacher may teach when no licensed teacher is under contract with the Board if the District has an emergency situation as defined in State law. During an emergency situation, a substitute teacher is limited to 30 calendar days of employment per each vacant position. The Superintendent shall notify the appropriate Regional Office of Education within five business days after the employment of a substitute teacher in an emergency situation.

LEGAL REF.:        105 ILCS 5/21B-20(2) and 5/21B-20(3).

23 Ill.Admin.Code §1.790 (Substitute Teacher) and §25.520 (Substitute Teaching License).

CROSS REF.:         5:30 (Hiring Process and Criteria)

First Read: March 14, 2018

                                 Adopted: April 11, 2018