General Personnel

Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment

The School District shall provide equal employment opportunities to all persons regardless of their race; color; creed; religion; national origin; sex; sexual orientation; age; ancestry; marital status; arrest record; military status; order of protection status; unfavorable military discharge; citizenship status provided the individual is authorized to work in the United States; work authorization status; use of lawful products while not at work; being a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, gender violence, or any other crime of violence; genetic information; physical or mental handicap or disability, if otherwise able to perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodation; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; credit history, unless a satisfactory credit history is an established bona fide occupational requirement of a particular position; conviction record, unless authorized by law; or other legally protected categories. No one will be penalized solely for his or her status as a registered qualifying patient or a registered designated caregiver for purposes of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act, 410 ILCS 130/.

Persons who believe they have not received equal employment opportunities should report their claims to the Nondiscrimination Coordinator and/or a Complaint Manager for the Uniform Grievance Procedure. These individuals are listed below. No employee or applicant will be discriminated or retaliated against because he or she: (1) requested, attempted to request, used, or attempted to use a reasonable accommodation as allowed by the Illinois Human Rights Act, or (2) initiated a complaint, was a witness, supplied information, or otherwise participated in an investigation or proceeding involving an alleged violation of this policy or State or federal laws, rules or regulations, provided the employee or applicant did not make a knowingly false accusation nor provide knowingly false information.

Administrative Implementation

The Superintendent shall appoint a Nondiscrimination Coordinator for personnel who shall be responsible for coordinating the District’s nondiscrimination efforts. The Nondiscrimination Coordinator may be the Superintendent or a Complaint Manager for the Uniform Grievance Procedure. The Nondiscrimination Coordinator also serves as the District’s Title IX Coordinator.

The Superintendent shall insert into this policy the names, office addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of the District’s current Nondiscrimination Coordinator and Complaint Managers.

Nondiscrimination Coordinator:

Dr. Kristin Kopta


5200 N. Cumberland Norridge, IL 60706



Telephone 708-456-9094


Complaint Managers:

Ms. Alicia Norgard


5200 N. Cumberland Norridge, IL 60706






The Superintendent shall also use reasonable measures to inform staff members and applicants that the District is an equal opportunity employer, such as, by posting required notices and including this policy in the appropriate handbooks.

Minority Recruitment

The District will attempt to recruit and hire minority employees. The implementation of this policy may include advertising openings in minority publications, participating in minority job fairs, and recruiting at colleges and universities with significant minority enrollments. This policy, however, does not require or permit the District to give preferential treatment or special rights based on a protected status without evidence of past discrimination.

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CROSS REF.:         2:260 (Uniform Grievance Procedure), 2:265 (Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure), 5:20 (Workplace Harassment Prohibited), 5:30 (Hiring Process and Criteria), 5:40 (Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease), 5:50 (Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace; E-Cigarette, Tobacco, and Cannabis Prohibition), 5:70 (Religious Holidays), 5:180 (Temporary Illness or Temporary Incapacity), 5:200 (Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal), 5:250 (Leaves of Absence), 5:270 (Employment, At-Will, Compensation, and Assignment), 5:300 (Schedules and Employment Year), 5:330 (Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves), 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities), 7:180 (Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment), 8:70 (Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities)

Last PRESS Update: November 2021

First Read: April 13, 2022

Adopted: May 11, 2022

Updated Contact: August, 2022